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Telstar, part of the azbil group, provides added value and global solutions to address technological areas as diverse as Life and Health Sciences (pharmaceutical, biotech and related industries), Scientific Research and Development (studies for aerospace, telecommunications, microelectronics, etc...) and Industry (automotive, domestic and industrial cooling, chemicals, etc...).

Telstar has a worldwide presence, with manufacturing plants in Spain, China and the United Kingdom, centres of technology excellence in Spain, and the United Kingdom; and engineering, consulting and validation service centres in Brazil, India, China, Italy, Portugal, Bangladesh and Spain, and also sales offices in Mexico, the United States, France, Japan and Malaysia. Telstar invests 3% of its turnover in research, development and innovation of its technologies and equipment. Based in Terrassa, a town close to the dynamic metropolitan area of Barcelona (Spain), Telstar currently has a team of 900 highly qualified employees.

  • Telstar Life Science solutions: Development of complete integrated engineering, construction, equipment and services solutions for life sciences (pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry, hospitals, laboratories and research centers). Design and manufacture of integrated process equipment in the process field through application of in-house technologies for sterilization, generation of water and pure steam, freeze-drying, containment, clean air, cell culture and cold storage. Design and implementation of complete pharmaceutical and biotechnological turnkey installations including engineering, consulting, construction, critical systems installation, design and production of equipment, training of professionals, quality assurance, validation and commissioning.
  • Telstar Vacuum solutions: Design, manufacture and sales of vacuum pumps and High and Ultra High Vacuum systems for the traditional industry (electrical, automotive, domestic and industrial refrigeration) and science and aerospace sector (Nuclear Fusion, Synchrotrons and Astrophysical Institutes).
  • Telstar Instruments for solutions: High technology instrumentation sales for Industrial and Scientific Research & Development, predominantly focused on surface analysis and metrology techniques at nanometric scale, thermal analysis and cryogenics, High Vacuum and UHV instruments and components and Vacuum evaporation techniques for thin film deposition.


Azbil is a leading Japanese group in building automation for the building market, advanced automation for the industry market and life automation systems for the life sciences and healthcare markets as well as fields connected closely to everyday life. The group develops its own regulation, control and automation technologies, equipment and systems for use in industry and in buildings.

As a subsidiary of Azbil, Telstar leads the Life Science Engineering business division of the Japanese corporation to provide global solutions in design, engineering and manufacturing processes with automation technologies for the international life science markets, such as biopharmaceutical, life science research, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine and functional foods.

Azbil group, which is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, was founded in 1906 and currently has a workforce of 5,146 people and a revenue of 256.9K million Yen in FY2015 (31/03/2016).



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    Telstar contributes to improvements in the well-being and quality of life of society by offering companies and research centres the most advanced...

  • Highlights & History
    Highlights & History

    In 2013 Azbil acquired 80% stake of Telstar.  As a subsidiary of Azbil, Telstar leads the Life Science Engineering business division of the...

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    Quality and Innovation

    QUALITY Telstar's quality policy with respect to designing and manufacturing equipment has always been to follow the most stringent guidelines...