The expanded facility will concentrate, into a single building, full activity of the company aimed at development of solutions covering all phases of a complete and equipped new critical pharmaceutical installation

Telstar will be expanding its facilities with the construction of three additional modules, adjacent to the building where the headquarters are currently located. The result will be a modern industrial site based on a total floor area of 16,000 m2, which will accommodate all the current activity of the company in Catalonia. A total of 70% of the space will be intended for production plants. Into a single building, the new facility will host full activity of the company for the development of integrated and complete solutions in the field of aseptic process manufacturing & installations. The first phase will be operational in October 2022 and full completion of the work is expected within the first half of 2023.

The new facility will host corporate services and the group’s R&D&I throughout the world, as well as the engineering, construction & consultancy services and production plants for the manufacture and assembly of highly complex and technologically demanding process equipment destined for the life science sectors. They will also accommodate, innovation & product development, automatization & GMP digitalization services, robotic applications, retrofitting & upgrading services, and customer support, in addition of technical training centres and laboratories for the development and optimisation of client lyophilization & sterilization processes. The new premisses, which will be established in a space adapted to the specific conditions and requirements for environmental quality, manufacturing, and qualification of equipment for the biopharmaceutical industry, will also house the development of vacuum applications for traditional industry and high-vacuum solutions in science and aerospace industries, as well as instrumentation for industrial and scientific research and development. Telstar’s new 360º enclave shows the capacity of the company to offer complete and integrated solutions in the field of process and will allow the customer to experience the global scope of Telstar solutions in situ.

More efficiency, more productivity

In Catalonia, Telstar’s activity is currently distributed in a total of 8 buildings. Grouping all the activity centres into a single location will allow the company to improve efficiency and increase flexibility in production. In addition to providing more space for production plants, the new facility will also offer greater flexibility and optimization of the production flow, with a positive impact in the improvement of delivery times to customers and an improvement of the health and safety of workers derived from internal movement processes. To enhance the capacity and the production process, the company will keep the metal workshop facilities active in an autonomous building, besides Telstar’s Logistic Centre, which is located close to the headquarters in OB40 area. It is a warehouse with a storage capacity of 22,500 m3 that was created in 2019 to absorb additional production.

As in the current headquarters facility, which has been certified with the first international ISO 14001 standard, the company will continue with the implementation process of the same environmental management system throughout the new complete site.

In Spain, Telstar also has a dedicated office in Madrid, specialized in engineering, construction, and consultancy. For integrated projects of large volume or complexity, Telstar follows a multi-site management model, with close collaboration with the technology centres that the company has around the world.

Sustained organic growth

The concentration of Telstar’s activity in a 16,000m2 building coincides with a new stage in which the company is tackling sustained organic growth and increased production capacity by expanding its production areas around the world. In this scenario, the company has planned that the three main manufacturing centres of Telstar in Spain, the United Kingdom and China is planned to reach a total of 28,000m2 in 2024, doubling the existing production space to meet their demands with high quality in terms of processing, innovation, operational improvement and delivering.