A process system for the pharmaceutical company Boryung Pharmaceutical in Yesan led by Telstar under a contract holder agreement.

A turnkey vial filling line integrating a freeze dryer with automatic loading & unloading system under isolation technology designed for the production of drugs for cancer treatment has been completed for the new production facility of the South Korean pharmaceutical company Boryung Pharmaceutical in Yesan, South Chungcheong Province.

The integrated system, in which different technologies have been assembled to cover different phases of the manufacturing process of drugs, encompasses all stages of the manufacturing from washing, depyrogenation, through filling and lyophilization with automatic loading & unloading systems, to capping, and barrier system providing both, product protection and containment. The development of this complex system relied on the close cooperation amongst Telstar and Dara, who have collaborated on this project with their joint specialized technologies. Telstar, which has led this project under a contract holder agreement, has provided the GMP freeze-drying with row by row automatic loading & unloading system, as well as an aseptic isolator system made up of 8 modules. Meanwhile, Dara has supplied the filling machine, together with a washing machine, depyrogenation tunnel, capping machine, external vial washing machine and a tray loader.

The high-tech process automatic system has been installed in the new Yesan production site. Besides the production of drugs for cancer treatment, the new facility is also intended to produce the Boryung Pharmaceutical’s flagship anti-hypertension drug Kanarb, new drugs and complexes that include substances used for treating hyper blood pressure and hyperlipidemia.