As part of our basic CSR, which concerns the fundamental obligations of a company as a member of society, each company in Azbil Telstar Group—both in Spain and overseas—is making every effort to raise awareness of compliance issues and to encourage corresponding action.

Code of Conduct

Azbil Telstar Group has instituted a Business Conduct Policy for Group companies, consisting of five elements: (1) fulfilling the Group’s public and social responsibilities; (2) compliance with antitrust and other fair trade regulations; (3) respect for human rights; (4) proper management of corporate assets; and (5) protection of the environment. We have also established a Code of Conduct for all employees, consisting of 50 specific guidelines covering all aspects of our business activities. In cases where a breach of the Code of Conduct is discovered, the code imposes a mandatory reporting requirement and forbids reprisals, thereby putting in place an environment in which checks can function effectively.

 Internal Information System Policy

Anti-bribery policy

In accordance with Telstar’s Code of Conduct, Telstar is committed to actively fighting corruption in all of its areas of activity. Telstar does not tolerate any form of bribery or corruption. For this purpose, Telstar has approved the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy together with Telstar’s Code of Conduct, providing guidance on how to conduct business in an ethical and legal manner.

The purpose of this Policy is to convey to all directors, officers and employees  of the companies that belong to the Telstar group (the “Professionals”), as well as to third parties with which Telstar establishes relations (the “Third Parties”), an unambiguous message of opposition to corruption in all of its  forms, and Telstar’s willingness to eradicate them in all of its activities

Maintaining and Improving Awareness of Compliance Issues

Each year, we conduct surveys of our employees to test compliance awareness and the status of internal compliance, using the results to identify problems and implement measures to solve them. Accordingly, we also conduct educational forums for all the employees. In compliance education for employees, we are stepping up efforts to raise compliance awareness by checking the guidelines that serve as the standard of behavior, confirming priority measures, and disseminating information.

Preventing Legal Risk

The Legal Department promotes full legal compliance in business activities; it provides education related to the law. The department makes every effort to ensure timely and appropriate responses to important new laws and associated issues, and endeavors to prevent problems from occurring.