Azbil Telstar is fully aware that its employees are the driving force of its organization. Our greatest challenge is to foster our talent and empower our people, In view of this we invest a great deal of effort in identifying those people who can bring added value to our organization. Accordingly, we have implemented the “Telstar HR Systems” and developed our HR policies.

Our “Telstar HR System” assures the continuous development of the employees: evaluating yearly, thorough the performance appraisals, the strengths and areas for improvement of every employee, analyzing the possible future career path and establishing annual development plans tailored to those needs.

Azbil Telstar believes in the empowerment of our people

Azbil Telstar believes firmly in internal promotion and this is proven by the fact that the greater part of the management team originates from internal development. The Human Resources department has the objective of assuring that azbil Telstar has the most appropriate team of people to drive the success of its businesses: a team motivated, competent, flexible, responsible, innovative and focused on results; a winning team which will guarantee a continuous healthy evolution of the company.

Azbil Telstar cares about our people

We provide our employees with a range of tools and services to help preserve their work-life balance as a flexible working-time or a flexible benefit plan which consists of different advantageous options for the employee that allows employees to select from a pool of choices (health insurance, training, transportation, food vouchers, etc.). We take a strong interest in the health of our employees. This is why we have designed a General Health Plan that encompasses activities promoting health, care, prevention and communication.