The company involves its entire global professional team in identifying improvements to help successfully meet the challenges of the future

From 25th April to 6th May, the entire Telstar professional team is asked to participate in the third edition of T-Voice, the satisfaction and professional commitment survey. This is an initiative included in the company’s strategic plan that contributes to consolidating its global position, market leadership, technological innovation excellence and customer orientation. For Telstar, the talent and commitment of the entire professional team are key to achieving the company’s strategic challenges.

The purpose of T-Voice is to invite people to express their opinion about the company and their job, and offer ideas, as well as making proposals for improvement. After May 6th, a period of results analysis will begin, followed by a stage where different working groups will form workshops, and will delve into those factors with the worst scores to make proposals for improvement. In the last two editions of T-Voice, which have had a participation of more than 85%, more than 100 workshops have been carried out that have allowed progress in the field of internal processes, organization communication and transparency.

Engagement Management

This is a campaign that the company promotes every 3 years to improve the work environment. In addition to recognising the degree of empowerment of people within companies, the contributions of the entire professional team reflect and consolidate the competitive advantages and synergies which, in times of great competitiveness and changes such as the current one, become key in the development strategy of the business project.

For Telstar, engagement management is a great competitive advantage. It allows the best talent to be retained and promoted, in addition to building a productive work environment. It reveals valuable information about the intrinsic motivation of the work of its professional team, promotes autonomy, empowerment, learning capacity and creativity. It helps create a collaborative work environment, and a culture of solidity and responsibility.