A new dual mode isolator system by Telstar at Pharma Congress 2024

A new dual mode Isolator system capable of operation for either containment or aseptic purposes will be promoted at Pharma Congress (Wiesbaden 2024, 19-20 March). With the ability to handle various processes in one unit, it reduces the need for excessive equipment and creates a more efficient use of available space. In addition, the unit being dual mode is a cost-effective solution, reducing the need for multiple isolators in some cases.

Aimed at the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, cell therapy and veterinary markets, the system integrates a total of 6 operational modes to manage the operational requirements: maintenance mode for setting up and checking over the machine parameters, pressure hold mode  to ensure air is not escaping the system for biodecontamination purposes and that the isolator is sealed, biodecontamination mode  to reduce the bioburden within the chamber by log six, non-sterile  / potent API mode, sterile potent API recirculation mode and, finally, non-sterile potent API nitrogen mode.

The Telstar system is integrated with Telstar’s innovative ionHP+ bio-decontamination system proven to dramatically decrease cycle times, increase time available for process and reduce running costs, using an 8% hydrogen peroxide solution, delivering a nebulised mist into the chamber this keeps the ppm levels low whist still delivering a 6-log reduction in bioburden.

New Telstar’s developments in the field of isolation & barrier systems technologies respond to increasingly demand for larger aseptic filling line Isolator system and sterility test isolators. The current trend responds widening restrictive regulatory demands, less reliance on cleanroom technology and a need for greater sterility assurance.

We will be present at Pharma Congress (PharmaTechnica) with our latest developments in aseptic technology for pharmaceutical production in GMP: solutions in the field of process equipment & integrated solutions in isolation technology systems, sterilization and freeze-drying applications covering the complete phases of a pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Lyogistics Smart Format

New developments in both in line management devices and process analytical technology for pharmaceutical freeze-drying systems, such as the Lyogistics Smart Format, will also be promoted at Pharma Congress will also be promoted. It is an innovative automatic format change system for the transportation of freeze-drying vials that uses a single mobile platform configured to automatically fit a wide range of vial sizes without the need to disrupt the isolated enclosure. There is no need for manual operations inside the aseptic area when changing formats, and no line clearance operations are required.

Xavier Gomez, Product Manager at Telstar will be presenting the Lyogistics Smart Format within GMP Pharma Congress Conference. He will address the issues in setting-up an automatic line to load and unload GMP freeze dryers with multiple formats under isolation technology, as well as the procedures to introduce multiple formats, cleaning, sanitization, and line clearance. He will also analyse pros and cons of having multiple formats ready to use inside the isolator versus the introduction of formats at the time of use, in addition of risks of contamination. This presentation is programmed within the session on Lyophilization and Modern Techniques & New Requirements which will take place on Tuesday 19th March between 15.45h – 16.30h.

Telstar at Pharma Congress. Booth A15