New Safety Airlock Systems (SAS) with integrated ionHP+ bio-decontamination system

Telstar strengthens a new Safety Airlock System (SAS) range with an integrated ionHP+ (ionised Hydrogen Peroxide) biodecontamination system for safe transfer and decontamination of materials when passing them into an aseptic production facility, both between classified areas or between a classified area and a non-classified. Designed to sanitise materials that are not suitable for sterilisation by other methods, the SAS units with ionHP+ allows bio-decontamination to achieve a log 6 reduction in bioburden.

The range of materials pass-through SAS has an air-tight transfer chamber with on-board fans, filtration system and an integrated nebulization ionHP+ bio decontamination system. Unlike conventional systems, the ionHP+ technology developed by Telstar increases the efficacy of the decontamination process and reduces degradation of construction materials by virtue of requiring a very low concentration of H2O2. Reduced bio-decontamination cycle times are possible since the process efficiency is not affected by temperature and humidity and therefore there is no need to pre-condition the chamber prior to H2O2 injection.

The EPA registered sterilant used has a lower concentration of H2O2; 7.5% compared with conventional vapour-phase bio-decontamination systems which can be as high as 30%-35%. This reduced concentration improves material compatibility.

Hydrogen peroxide is the primary component used, which breaks down into oxygen and water at the completion of the decontamination process, making it one of the most environmentally friendly decontaminants available.