Telstar to Unveil Advanced GMP Digitization and Aseptic Process Solutions at Achema 2024

At Achema (Frankfurt, Germany, 10-14 June 2024), we will be unveiling Telstar’s latest innovations and services designed to enhance efficiency and compliance in the pharmaceutical industry. As a global leader in engineering solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and research sectors, the company will showcase a range of groundbreaking innovations and services, including:

Advanced process equipment and technologies for pharmaceutical manufacturing and research & development, including the new BioMax biological safety cabinet, which offers more space for specific procedures. Integrated aseptic process systems developed with in-house freeze-drying, containment, and sterilization technologies, including new developments like Smart Format for automatic format changeover, PURA sterility test isolator, BioSAS ionHP+ with an integrated ionized Hydrogen Peroxide generator, and Sterigistics technology, a robotized station for automatic loading. Solutions for process automation, logistics management, and GMP digitization. IoT platforms, featuring Insights, a Pharma 4.0 digital solution for real-time predictive maintenance. Green Engineering services for environmentally friendly pharmaceutical manufacturing, featuring Smart Cleanroom, a smart HVAC control system for clean rooms that reduces energy consumption by over 40%.

Facing users’ needs

Telstar’s innovations address shared challenges faced by users in the pharmaceutical industry:

-Minimize Downtime: offering real-time predictive maintenance, reducing unexpected equipment failures, and ensuring continuous production.

-Streamline Compliance: providing comprehensive digital management of GMP documents and procedures, simplifying regulatory compliance and audits.

-Enhance Operational Efficiency: automation and digitalization reduce manual intervention, decreasing human error and increasing productivity.

-Improve Energy Efficiency: control systems for pharmaceutical facilities optimizing energy use, significantly cutting costs while maintaining GMP standards.

-Ensure Product Quality: Advanced aseptic process systems guarantee the highest levels of sterility and containment, safeguarding product integrity and patient safety.

“We are thrilled to share our latest innovations and services at Achema 2024,” says Luca Vismara, Corporate LSE Sales Manager at Telstar. “This event provides a unique opportunity to connect with our clients and partners, and to demonstrate our commitment to excellence and innovation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our new digital solutions like Insights are designed to enhance predictive maintenance, which are critical in today’s fast-paced industry.”

Benefits for the industry sector

The innovations and services disclosed by Telstar at Achema 2024 offer numerous benefits to the industry:

-Enhanced Product Quality and Safety: advanced technologies ensure the highest standards of sterility and containment, crucial for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

-Increased Operational Efficiency: automated and digitalized solutions streamline processes, reducing downtime and optimizing resource use.

-Cost Reduction: efficient process equipment and energy-saving technologies lead to significant cost savings.

-Regulatory Compliance: comprehensive GMP consultancy and digital solutions ensure full compliance with regulatory standards and international guidelines.

Telstar, part of the Azbil Group, is a leading global brand in aseptic process solutions, specializing in highly complex projects for pharmaceutical and biotech production.

Telstar at Achema 2024: Hall 3.1 Booth C49