Contactless magnetic slider system: a new technology able to confront challenges in the field

To preserve integrity of the freeze-drying process and the product under full aseptic conditions


A huge step forward investigating new technologies in the field of loading & unloading systems for pharmaceutical freeze-drying processes allows not only to provide greater unprecedented levels of technical precision and robustness, but also actively contributes to maintain integrity of the freeze-drying process and product under full aseptic conditions and to ensure the maximum asepsis level in pharmaceutical production processes. The solution resolves the main issues which operators find on a day to day basis. By incorporating new frictionless magnetic drive technology, loading & unloading systems are able to minimize the presence of particles that comes from the mechanisms and electrical accessories, which are typically used in conventional systems, allows loading at maximum speed under cold shelf loading conditions, and in case of failure allows the system to run in manual mode to avoid opening the system and losing the production batch. A new development, under the Telstar Lyogistics Zero brand, integrates a cleanable and steam-sterilizable slider with no concealed parts which is moved by a contact-free magnetic drive mechanism which has achieved an exceptional improvement on cleanability and sterility. How this new technology works and what new challenges this sets out for the future is the purpose of this article.

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