Net Zero Commitment 2050

With an active involvement in the protection and conservation of the environment, we focus our efforts on sustainable development through the implementation of actions that favor the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions derived from our activity. All of this is integrated into our Corporate Quality and Environment Policy.

Transition to Renewable Energy: Powering Our Future Responsibly

We use 100% renewable origin energy. This milestone underscores our commitment to sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and shaping a sustainable future. By embracing renewable sources, we actively contribute to a global movement for eco-friendly practices.

Innovation: Driving Sustainability Across Product Lifecycles

At the heart of our ethos is innovation—a force propelling our unwavering commitment to sustainability across every stage of our product lifecycles. From conception to final solution, we relentlessly pursue innovative solutions that minimize environmental impact. It is a strong commitment that ensures that our products not only meet the highest standards of quality and performance but also contribute to a sustainable environment.

Sustainable mobility: Promoting a rational and efficient use of resources.

We progressively incorporate processes and actions aimed at achieving rational use of means of transport, using hybrid and electric vehicles, to cover mobility needs with minimal environmental impact.

Carbon Footprint

The quantification of direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions has been carried out following the ISO 14064 standard, based on the GHG Protocol. Our GHG inventory includes direct combustion emissions (Scope 1), indirect emissions from electricity consumption (Scope 2), as well as other indirect emissions, commonly known as (Scope 3).


Scope 1


Scope 2


Scope 3

10.739 t CO2e FY 2023

The GHG emissions calculation serves a dual purpose within our operational framework—beyond functioning as a robust internal environmental control tool, it stands as a pivotal pillar fortifying our unwavering commitment to transparency with both customers and suppliers. This comprehensive approach not only enhances our environmental sustainability practices but also vividly underscores our resolute dedication to taking tangible steps in the ongoing global effort towards climate action.