Health and Safety Excellence

We are committed to Health and Safety Excellence with the aim of providing a safe and hazard-free workplace, as set forth in the company’s health and safety policy. A Health and Safety Policy that serves as a declaration of our unwavering dedication to making necessary enhancements in our business processes. These improvements are aimed at fostering a safer working environment and creating a secure working environment.

Person selecting the safety first option in a work environment within a virtual interface

To achieve this, we adhere to the following guidelines:

Compliance with Health and Safety Legislation

We are steadfast in our commitment to complying with existing Health and Safety regulations in all geographical and commercial areas where the company operates.

Integration of Health and Safety

We consistently incorporate Health and Safety considerations into all decision-making processes and activities.

Ongoing Training and Information

We prioritize the continuous training and awareness of our employees regarding Health and Safety in the workplace.

Worker Participation

We actively encourage and enable our employees to participate in decisions and matters that impact Health and Safety at work.

Employee Motivation

We motivate every member of our team to embrace the fundamental Health and Safety rules within their respective roles, making safety an integral part of their daily work performance.

Collaborative Coordination

We establish the necessary coordination with all companies, contractors, or subcontractors with whom we jointly conduct business to ensure preventive measures are in place.

Health and Safety Management Systems

We are dedicated to developing and implementing robust Health and Safety management systems that allow for the identification, correction, and reduction of risks.

We encourage each member of our team to incorporate fundamental health and safety rules into their respective roles, making safety an integral part of their daily work performance. Embedded at the core of our organizational philosophy is an unwavering commitment to championing a robust culture of safety, seamlessly coupled with our top priority: the well-being of our dedicated professional team. In our relentless pursuit of this commitment, we go beyond regulatory requirements, fostering an atmosphere where each team member feels secure, confident, and supported.