Biological & Laminar Flow Cabinets

A solid experience in manufacturing laminar flow cabinets and biological safety cabinets allows us to keep on offering a wide range of solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

We provide comprehensive options, ranging from product protection (laminar flow cabinets, both horizontal and vertical) to triple protection (biological safety cabinets). We have the capability to create customized cabinets tailored to specific customer requirements. In addition to our manufacturing expertise, we place a strong emphasis on safety. Our cabinets are certified by independent organizations such as TÜV, Europe’s leading certification body. This certification underscores our commitment to delivering premium secure solutions. Furthermore, our support extends beyond the initial purchase. We offer a comprehensive after-sales service and technical assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of your cabinet. Our highly specialized services ensure the satisfaction of our valued clients.

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, Bio II Advance Plus

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, Bio II Advance Plus

In the Bio II Advance Plus series of biological safety cabinets we offer a compact design to facilitate placement in the laboratory without sacrificing valuable workspace.

Biological Safety Cabinet class I and II, BiOptima

Our BiOptima series of Class I and Class II biological safety cabinets ensures maximum protection for users, products, and the environment while minimizing risks associated with biosafety levels 1, 2, and 3. These cabinets excel in quality, biological safety, reliability, and compliance with standards, including energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, Bio II Advance Plus
IT Bio biological safety cabinet

IT Biobiological Safety Cabinet, BiOptima IT

The computerization of solutions in hospital pharmacy, particularly in the dosing and preparation of medications in biological safety cabinets or laminar flow cabinets, has become essential to ensure patient safety and optimize workflow. Accuracy in medication preparation is critical, and software systems dramatically reduce the risk of human errors by providing precise calculations and alerts to ensure procedure compliance.

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Cabinet, Aeolus H

The Telstar Aeolus H series is a high quality horizontal laminar flow workbench range for handling non-hazardous materials that require a particle free environment. These cabinets offer high product protection to obtain a free particle working area to avoid contamination of the product.

Horizontal flow cabin, Aeolus H
Vertical laminar flow cabinet, Aeolus V

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet, Aeolus V

The Aeolus V series is a range of high quality vertical laminar flow cabinets designed for handling non-hazardous materials requiring a particle-free environment. These cabinets offer high product protection to obtain a work area free of particles and avoid product contamination.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Mini, Mini-V/PCR

The Mini V/PCR cabinet is an essential tool in the laboratory, providing a safe and controlled space specifically designed for PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and similar applications. Its compact design fits perfectly into the workspace, offering a contamination-free environment for handling DNA-sensitive samples. The Mini V/PCR cabinet is a trusted choice for genetic research, allowing precise and confident work.

Laminar flow cabinet, Mini V/PCR
Manufacture of special cabins

Customized Cabinets

A solid track record in manufacturing guarantees our capability to develop more specific cabinets adapted to our clients’ needs in the field of Research & Medical.