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Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Bio II Advance Plus

In the Bio II Advance Plus series of biological safety cabinets we have created a compact design without the need to sacrifice any of your valuable workspace in the laboratory. The cabinet prioritizes efficiency and functionality, ensuring seamless integration into the laboratory environment. Our design reflects a commitment to spatial efficiency with the aim of enhancing your overall laboratory experience.


  • Compact and ergonomic.
  • All maintenance is performed from the front.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Simple bio-decontamination process.


The Bio II Advance Plus unit is suitable for working with biological agents’ levels 1, 2, and 3, offering the highest level of security with triple protection: user, product, and environment.

Certified Safety

The Bio II Advance Plus cabinets have been independently tested and certified by TÜV Nord, Europe’s leading certification body, ensuring compliance with EN 12469 standard for Class II biological safety cabinets.


A wide range of accessories and options are available, with customization to meet customer requirements. The cabin also allows extracting information for integration into customer BMS systems.

  • Vertical laminar flow through a HEPA filter generating an ISO 4 classified workspace.
  • Low energy consumption and noise levels.
  • Segmented stainless steel work surface for better cleaning and autoclave sterilization if needed.
  • Control panel with color-coded indicators for real-time cabinet status.
  • 3 sizes to fit all laboratories (900, 1200, and 1800mm).

What make us different

Telstar ZEROCOAT antimicrobial coating: reducing contamination risks where it really matter

ZEROCOAT is a new coating, which is applied throughout the interior of all Telstar microbiological safety cabinets to provide them with a long lasting, highly antimicrobial effect. It reduces the risk of contamination on the work surface and reduces cleaning processes and maintenance costs.

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