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Customized Cabinets

With many years’ experience designing and manufacturing cabinets tailored to customer requirements, Research & Medical also has the capability to develop more specific cabinets adapted to our clients’ needs.. Sometimes, standard cabinets do not meet the functional needs and requirements. If you need a bespoke design, we can offer alternatives. The design of our special cabinets ranges from solutions that incorporate personalized attributes according to the user’s requirements to a completely new design to meet the most detailed requirements and specifications.

Always ensuring the highest quality standards and compliance with regulations, we can design special cabinets that go beyond what is already offered in our portfolio.One of the examples of our capability for these adaptations is the BIOMAX series, our large-scale biological safety cabinets. This series arose from the need to accommodate large-sized objects inside the cabinet that require user protection during manipulation. With this model, triple protection is assured while offering more workspace for the user. And, of course, with our ZEROCOAT treatment throughout the interior, an extra layer of safety where it truly matters.

Other solutions that have been developed by us include:

  • Large-sized Aeolus H: for optical solutions.
  • Connected cabinets for long extension applications.
  • Solutions for cytometers and sorters.

Reach out to our experienced technical team and you will gain valuable insights into the diverse and innovative solutions that cater to your specific needs and requirements. Our team, possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise, ready to guide you through our comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies and personalized solutions that set Telstar apart in the industry.

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