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IT Biological Safety Cabinet

BiOptima IT

The computerization of solutions in hospital pharmacy, particularly in the dosing and preparation of medications in biological safety cabinets or laminar flow cabinets, has become essential to ensure patient safety and optimize workflow. Accuracy in medication preparation is critical, and software systems dramatically reduce the risk of human errors by providing precise calculations and alerts to ensure procedure compliance.

To apply these software solutions more efficiently, we can offer the IT series, adapting our solutions to meet these increasingly demanding requirements. The IT series incorporates the hardware necessary for the integration of these solutions.


  • Enhanced safety in medication preparation.
  • Workflow optimization.
  • Reduction of errors.

At Telstar, we can tailor the solution to our cabinets, however, we would like to emphasize two solutions particularly suitable for hospital pharmacy:

BiOptima Cyto IT

For the preparation/dosage of sterile and hazardous medications, especially oncology drugs, offering triple protection with an additional stage of H14 filters for the retention of all cytotoxics.

BiOptima EXA & EXA IT version

For the manufacture of sterile and hazardous medications that generate cytotoxic aerosols.

Aeolus H IT

For the preparation/dosage under laminar flow of non-hazardous sterile medications, ensuring product protection.

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