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Basic Research Freeze Dryer


Our LyoQuest laboratory freeze dryers are designed to be a multipurpose unit in the R&D field, a reliable small freeze-dryer based on extensive research. Extremely compact design integrating robust technical features and outstanding control performances.


  • Compact.
  • Large capacity for its small size.
  • A wide range of accessories for a more personalized design.
  • Two models for aqueous or organic products.
  • Essy to install and use.
  • User friendly interface.


  • Users can develop recipes for basic research and ­first steps in lyophilization.
  • Specifically developed for basic research in biotechnology and scientific institutes.
  • Basic research, pharma, food industry and archaeological research.


  • 2 final condenser temperature configurations: LyoQuest -55Cº and LyoQuest -85Cº.
  • Reliability and performance: 8.7 kg of condenser capacity.
  • Flexibility of use: connection to accessories and other laboratory equipment.
  • Connectivity with PCs via the LyoLogger data acquisition software.
  • Chamber with heated shelves option.

One step forward: LyoQuest Arctic

Committed to sustainability, Telstar introduces its Lyoquest Arctic version, the innovative freeze dryer that user HFC & HFO free refrigerant gases. This Lyoquest guarantees long-term compliance with increasingly restrictive international regulations (F-gas normative).

Process Laboratory

With more than 50 years of experience, our Process Laboratory can offer training services about lyophilization, consultancy, product characterization and helping with your recipe development.

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