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Basic Research Freeze Dryer


LyoAlfa laboratory freeze dryers are thoughtfully designed to cater to the increased freeze-drying capacity needs of research centres, ensuring that they provide an efficient and reliable solution for scientific endeavours.


  • The same features as our LyoQuest but larger in size.
  • A wide range of accessories for a more personalized design fitted for each application.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • User friendly interface.


  • Users can develop recipes for basic research and first steps in lyophilization with big quantities of product.
  • Specifically developed for basic research in biotechnology and scientific institutes.
  • Basic research , pharma, food industry, archaeological research.


  • Final condenser temperature. -83ºC ±3ºC.
  • Reliability and performance: 22 kg of condenser capacity.
  • Flexibility of use: connection to accessories and other laboratory equipment.
  • Connectivity with PCs via the LyoLogger data acquisition software.
  • Chamber with heated shelves option.

Process Laboratory

Telstar has a Process Laboratory that can offer training services about lyophilization, consultancy, product characterization, and helping with your recipe development.

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