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Containment Isolators

Empowering Pharmaceutical Excellence

Telstar has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of containment isolators for global pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our focus on prioritizing operators’ safety, equipment performance and ergonomic design has positioned our isolators at the forefront of the industry.

Our clients’ exact requirements benefit from the following attributes:

  • Stand-alone / integrated isolator technology.
  • Standard and bespoke solutions to each client and process.
  • Positive/negative pressure isolator solutions.
  • Integration options with OEM / third party equipment.
  • Rigorous OEL containment validation and testing.
  • Containment levels validated to less than 200 picograms/m3 (OEB 8).
  • Standardized mechanical and electrical components.
  • Advanced ergonomic designs.
  • Worldwide service and maintenance capabilities.
  • Regulatory compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice & ISO standards.
  • Suitable for use in cleanrooms grade D and above.
  • UK based construction, assembly, and manufacture.
  • Cost-effective long-life design.
  • Extensive use of green technology and designs.

We supply standard or tailored isolators to suit your specific requirements, from single-chamber mobile isolators to multi-chamber isolator systems providing easy manipulation of API product, processes, tools, and hazardous materials. Ergonomic evaluation and modelling constitute the central essence of our design principles, delivering ease of access and maximum protection for operators and product.

Telstar continues to challenge the current boundaries in isolation technology, to keep pace with the ever-increasing demands laid down by the market and regulatory bodies. Our containment isolators are designed and manufactured in our dedicated UK facility. We have a strong team of experienced engineers using state of the art software to produce GMP designs with comprehensive validation packages.

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