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Sterility Test Isolators

Telstar Pura

The Telstar Pura range of standard isolators provide a reliable aseptic environment for sterility testing and other aseptic processes. We recognise that sterility testing is an ever-increasing part of any pharmaceutical process and that a clear understanding of the process is paramount to its success.

At Telstar we consider it our priority to offer our clients efficient, effective, and economical sterility test isolators to avoid the additional organizational costs and loss of production time that arises from false results. Our Pura Sterility Test Isolators are designed and manufactured to avoid the risk of false results and protect the product.

A minimum of log 6 reduction in spore forming micro-organisms is consistently achieved & validated using a triplicate BI challenge.

The Telstar Pura range of standard isolators offer the following technical specifications:

  • Range of 5 standard sterility test isolators with further configurable options.
  • Unidirectional Grade A recirculatory airflow (ISO 4.8).
  • Positive pressure environment.
  • Rapid validated Log 6 bioburden reduction.
  • Equipped with Telstar’s unique ionHP+ H2O2 based bio-decontamination system.
  • PLC controlled operating system with local HMI and SCADA packages.
  • Direct inoculation and filter membrane sterility tests.
  • Integration options with OEM / 3rd party equipment.
  • 316 Stainless steel and toughened safety glass construction.
  • Compliance with ISO and GMP guidelines.
  • UK based construction, assembly, and manufacture.
  • Suitable for grade D cleanroom background and above.
  • Standardized mechanical and electrical components.
  • Environmental monitoring of viable / non-viable particles.

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