GMP Freeze Dryers and Loading Systems

Backed by more than 60 years of experience as manufacturers of freeze-dryers, the Telstar family has become a trusted supplier for the global pharmaceutical industry.

The purpose of our commitment to continuous improvement is excellence: we have our own R&D department, and we collaborate with the main suppliers of filling lines in “turnkey” projects. Therefore, at Telstar we can offer infinite advantages in the pharmaceutical lyophilization sector and act as an integral partner.

GMP, Lyozeta industrial freeze dryers with capacity up to 60 square meters of plate surface.

GMP Industrial Freeze Dryers, LyoMega & LyoZeta

At Telstar we have been developing solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for more than half a century, adapting to the requirements of each project.

The family of LyoMega and LyoZeta freeze-dryers, with a capacity of up to 60 square meters of shelves surface. The LyoMega range is designed and manufactured 100% in Barcelona, while the LyoZeta freeze-dryers are produced in Shanghai, backed by the group’s experience.

GMP Freeze Dryer for Small Batch Production, Lyotris

The Lyotris freeze dryer is specifically designed for small batch production and clinical trials. It has a loading surface of up to 1 square meter of shelves surface, which is equivalent to about 1600 type 10R vials or 30 litres of bulk product.

Its compact size does not compromise with ergonomics or safety. It is extremely versatile beginning with a standard design which allows the customization of different options.

GMP freeze dryer for small production batches, Lyotris with a loading area of ​​up to 1 square meter plate area.
Vial and bulk product loading and unloading systems, Lyogistics

GMP Loading & Unloading Systems, Lyogistics

At Telstar we understand that each freeze-drying application is unique. For this reason, we have the Lyogistics range: a family of loading and unloading solutions, designed to satisfy all viable options.

We offer manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems for vials and bulk product (trays, Lyoguards®, etc.). All can be easily integrated with isolators or RABs.

Real-time sublimation front advance monitoring system, Sublime

Sublime is a new solution developed to overcome the current market needs, as a new PAT tool capable to monitor the advance of the sublimation front temperature interface using single use wireless probes, displaying process product temperature data in real-time, simplifying the introduction and retrieval logistics and reducing the possible risks of cross-contamination.

Liquid-filled vials arranged in a straight line on a shelf.