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GMP Industrial Freeze Dryers

LyoMega & LyoZeta

At Telstar we have been developing solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry for more than half a century, adapting to the requirements of each project. Throughout our history, clients appreciate us for our expertise in integrated projects, in which we always work in unison with world-class suppliers.

The result of our journey is the family of LyoMega and LyoZeta freeze-dryers, with a capacity of up to 60 square meters of shelves surface. The LyoMega range is designed and manufactured 100% in Barcelona, while the LyoZeta freeze-dryers are produced in Shanghai, backed by the group’s experience.

At Telstar we customize our freeze-dryers down to the smallest detail:

  • Design for production of sterile products (GMP, ASME BPE).
  • Integrated CIP/SIP.
  • PED, ASME, GB certification. As well as CE, UL, etc.
  • Configuration to produce toxins and a wide variety of solvents.
  • Multiple automatic loading and unloading solutions for vials and bulk product.
  • Integration with isolators and RABs.
  • Connection with filling and capping lines from the leading suppliers in the market.
  • Compliance with CFR21-11 and GAMP5, to ensure data integrity.
  • Sublime: single-use wireless sensors, for monitoring frontal sublimation.
  • Lyosensing: detection of silicone oil leaks.
  • Telstar Insights: intelligent maintenance platform.
  • Lyonuc: induced nucleation.
  • Structural configuration on one or two floors.
  • Refrigeration systems: both traditional solutions with compressors or LN2, as well as innovative and environmentally friendly solutions such as Arctic®.

The previous points are just a sample of the multiple features of our equipment. To expand on this information, you can download the technical sheets of the LyoMega and LyoZeta freeze-dryers below. Proximity and support define Telstar’s philosophy. The secret to maintaining business relationships with our clients is fluid communication: contact us with any questions or queries, we will be pleased and ready to help you.

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