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GMP Loading and Unloading Systems


At Telstar we understand that each freeze-drying application is unique. For this reason, we have the Lyogistics range: a family of loading and unloading solutions, designed to satisfy all viable options. We offer manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems for vials and bulk product (trays, Lyoguards®, etc.). All can be easily integrated with isolators or RABs

LGZ: Lyogistics Zero

  • State-of the-art automatic loading and unloading.
  • Based on a magnetic and compact sliding system, without the need for a rear pusher.Loading speed up to 600 vials/min (2R format).
  • Automatic CIP/SIP (Cleaning In Place/Sterilization In Place).
  • No batteries or bellows.
  • Loading of vials row by row.
  • Compatible with Lyoguards®.
  • Loading speed up to 600 vials/min (2R format).
  • Pass-through chamber configuration is possible (load from one side and unload from the other).
  • Compatible with cold loading (-50ºC).
  • Compatible with isolators and RABs.

LGI: Lyogistics Integral

  • Classic system: PUSH-IN / PUSH-OUT.
  • Automatic loading of vials, row by row.
  • Loading speed up to 600 vials/min (2R format).
  • COLT option: rear pusher with a very compact design.
  • Compatible with isolators and RABs.

Lyogistics Pi

  • Semi-automatic loading and unloading (fully automatic with robots is possible).
  • Ideal for bulk.
  • Location of trays in final position by lifting (no friction).

Lyogistics Cart

  • Semi-automatic loading and unloading.
  • Ideal to integrate into clean rooms with LAF ceiling.
  • Push-in pull-out system.

Smart R3

  • Compact and fully automated design module that inspects 100% of the vials in production.
  • Triple function in the same module: rejection of vials with incorrect stopper; retrieval for samples and reintroduction.

Smart Format

  • Innovative system for automatic adaptation of the formats, according to the vials diameter.
  • For vials from 2R to 100R.

Telstar retrofits

In accordance with Annex I GMP compliance and to ensure continuity in Class A during loading and unloading processes, we provide customized solutions to upgrade existing lyophilizer models currently in operation. Solutions include automation for the loading and unloading of lyophilizers using robots and AMRs.

From our experience and ability to adapt to the requirements of each project, it is difficult to summarize all the options that Telstar can offer: the possibilities are simply endless. We invite you to contact us, we will be pleased to present you the ideal proposal that best suits your application.

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