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GMP Freeze Dryer for Small Batch Production


The Lyotris freeze dryer is specifically designed for small batch production and clinical trials. It has a loading surface of up to 1 square meter of shelves surface, which is equivalent to about 1600 type 10R vials or 30 litres of bulk product.

Its compact size does not compromise with ergonomics or safety.

It is extremely versatile beginning with a standard design which allows the customization of different options:

  • Design for production of sterile products (GMP, ASME BPE).
  • Telstar Insights: smart maintenance platform.
  • CIP/SIP integrated.
  • PED, ASME, GB certification. As well as CE, UL, etc.
  • Configuration to produce toxins and a wide variety of solvents.
  • Integration with isolators and RABs.
  • Compliance with CFR21-11 and GAMP5, to ensure data integrity.
  • Sublime: single-use wireless sensors, for frontal sublimation monitoring.
  • Lyosensing: detection of silicone oil leaks.
  • Lyonuc: induced nucleation.
  • Inclusion of critical components (vacuum pumps, cooling systems, thermal liquid pump, etc.).

The above points indicate just some of the many features of our  Lyotris. If you require more information, you can download the data sheet from the link at the bottom of the image. Proximity and support define Telstar’s philosophy. The secret to maintaining business relationships with our clients is open communication: contact us with any questions or queries and we will be pleased to help you.

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