Sterile Lyophilised Filling Line

The Isolators were designed to provide an aseptic enclosure for the entire line. Telstar were the turnkey supplier for all equipment, including filling unit, RXRLUS (row x row automated loading/unloading unit) and LyoMega 180ST Lyophiliser with integrated automatic conveyors, all housed within an aseptic Isolator system with integrated ionHP H2O2 biodecontamination system.

Sterile Lyophilised Filling Line
Czech Republic


Sterile Multi-Chamber Filling and Freeze drying Line comprising:

  • Filling & Closing machine
  • Buffer Conveyors
  • Automated load/unload system
  • LyoMega 180 ST Lyophiliser
  • Capping Module
  • Aseptic Isolator system