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Dry Heat Sterilization & Depyrogenation Ovens


Hot dry air depyrogenation sterilization is generally used for materials that tolerate high temperatures such as metal or glass. It is the method of choice whenever possible for depyrogenation as the glass surface, being in direct contact with the product, can be the origin of pyrogenic contamination and dry air is an effective agent for destroying pyrogens. It also has the advantage that the processed material emerges dry at the end of the cycle.


We offer an extensive range of depyrogenation solutions, including:

  • Depyrogenation ovens.
  • Custom-made trays and carts.
  • Sterilization laboratory services.

Selecting us as your preferred provider for cutting-edge sterilization solutions ensures access to a wealth of advanced technologies and methodologies, all underpinned by decades of expertise and global success. Our unwavering commitment further guarantees that every detail of your distinctive project requirements is acknowledged with a dedicated focus on precision and excellence. With Telstar, you are aligning with a partner whose extensive experience and steadfast dedication make us the unparalleled choice in delivering sophisticated sterilization solutions tailored to exact needs.

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