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Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers


Ethylene oxide is a very efficient sterilizing agent. It is a bactericide, a sporicide and a viricide. It has a very favourable diffusion coefficient and can be used for thermo-sensitive or very delicate materials. Generally sterilization with ethylene oxide in the pharmaceutical industry has been restricted given the risk it entails due to its high mutagenic and carcinogenic properties. GMP’s specify that this type of sterilization should only be used when there is no alternative sterilization technology.

Nevertheless, the advantages of sterilization with ethylene oxide are still greater than those of any other system in the hospital single-use product industry. The leading companies in this sector still rely on ethylene oxide for the terminal sterilization of syringes, probes, catheters, pace makers, etc. The complex design of these types of medical devices makes the penetrability of the sterilizing agent one of the most critical aspects.


Our journey has produced an extensive portfolio of EO sterilization solutions, including:

  • Preconditioning cells.
  • EO sterilization chambers.
  • Aeration cells.
  • Automated loading and unloading solutions.
  • Logistics solutions bridging sterilization lines and warehouses.
  • Warehouse pallet management.
  • Integration of EO monitoring systems.
  • Parametric release solutions.
  • Predictive maintenance programs.
  • Tailored retrofit programs to ensure installation comply with evolving regulations.

Choose Telstar as your preferred provider for state-of-the-art ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization solutions, and you’ll gain the advantage of expertise accumulated over decades. Our commitment to excellence remains steadfast, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed your unique project requirements with precision and dedication. Trust us to deliver cutting-edge EO sterilization solutions tailored to elevate your projects to new levels of efficiency and innovation.

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