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Steam & Air Mixture Sterilizers

SteriDelta A

SteriDelta A autoclaves are steam and air mixture sterilization autoclaves specially designed for sterilizing large batches of parenteral solutions. The units have high technical performance, GMP design and comply with the applicable European standards: PED, CE marking, etc. They have a compact and modular structure allowing for quick installation and commissioning.

These units are fitted with an air recirculation system for mixing clean steam with air, which becomes the sterilization media. This process method should be recommended for complex plastic or glass containers such as pre-filled syringes or vials in which condensates may become stagnant, causing problems in the finished product. These autoclaves provide a superior drying finish thanks to the air recirculation system and thus, products are downloaded ready for packing and labelling.


Utilizing our expertise, we've crafted varied solutions for parenteral drug terminal sterilization, including:

  • Steam & air mixture autoclaves.
  • Automatic loading and unloading solutions.
  • Robotics solutions to optimize workflow.
  • Sterilization laboratory services.

Selecting Telstar as your first choice for cutting-edge terminal sterilization solutions ensures access to latest innovations, backed up by decades of proven expertise. We will ensure that every unique project requirement will not only be met but surpassed with precision and excellence. Our longstanding proficiency in this field serves as a testament to providing state-of-the-art solutions on a global level.

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