Preventive and predictive digital maintenance in Pharma 4.0

This article outlines the journey of understanding data and its exploitation in the field of preventive and predictive maintenance. Based on a non-intrusive approach implemented in a new digital platform, the authors offer an analysis on how to adapt and improvee xisting preventive maintenance strategies in manufacturing facilities without incurring an instrumentation deluge and a reformulation of existing processes by using data analysis. Insights is used to illustrate a model of digital platform that responds to the challenge of how the data generated by the operations of a production line allows to improve the availability of assets. Data collection, processing, and comparison with assets of the same type in similar production situations using analytical and big data tools through a multi-tenant Internet of Things (IoT) platform, provides the ability to generate and, at the same time, manage comparative indicators that allows the industry to improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and move towards predictive maintenance.

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