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Calibration Lab & Services

Telstar’s calibration laboratory is accredited and authorized by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC, with accreditation number 80/LC10.055, following the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

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This standard is the only specific ISO standard for testing and calibration laboratories. Compliance certified by an accreditation body (such as ENAC) proves that the laboratories have a quality system, are technically competent, and capable of generating technically valid results. Moreover, compliance with this standard implies compliance with the requirements of ISO 9002 or ISO 9001. However, ISO 17025 covers various technical requirements not addressed in the mentioned ISO standards.

Therefore, calibrating an instrument in an accredited laboratory ensures the technical competence of measurement processes and result generation, control of equipment calibrated from arrival to dispatch, and compliance with traceability to national or international standards. Additionally, costs are reduced since there is no need to conduct audits on the calibration provider.

ENAC accreditation ensures EA (European Cooperation for Accreditation) traceability of calibration results, as our standards are calibrated by a reference laboratory signatory to EA agreements.

One of the most important aspects for quality control in any company is undoubtedly the calibration of instrumentation. Compliance with ISO 9000 quality standards requires strict control of this calibration, including proper planning, complete documentation, and correct data handling. All these services are offered in Azbil Telstar Technologies, S.L.U.’s calibration laboratory.

Accredited Activities

Dimensional, Air Particle Counters:

  • Accreditation Number: 80LC/10.055
  • Range: 0.27 µm to 5 µm for particle size and 0.3 µm to 0.5 µm for particle concentration.

Pressure and Vacuum (Vacuum Instrumentation):

  • Accreditation Number: 80LC/10.055
  • Range: 1.10-3 hPa to 1300 hPa.

Calibration Laboratory for Particle Counters: ENAC Accreditation

  • Particle Size Range: 0.27 µm to 5 µm
  • Particle Concentration Range: 0.3 µm to 0.5 µm

The laboratory has two calibration procedures (TP001 and TP002) approved by ENAC, specifying all steps for particle counter calibration.

Calibration Laboratory for Vacuum Sensors: ENAC Accreditation

  • Pressure Range: 1.10-3 hPa to 1300 hPa

The laboratory has two calibration procedures (TV001 and TV002) approved by ENAC, specifying all steps for vacuum indicator calibration.

Calibration Services

The main calibration services in our laboratory cover:

  • Photometers
  • Helium Leaks
  • Biological Samplers
  • Aerosol Generators
  • Flowmeters
  • Vacuum Gauges

We offer on-site calibration services for particle counters and supply equipment calibration services for various industrial sectors in our internal laboratories. All calibrations are supported by a certificate with metrological traceability.

Calibration Laboratory Process

1. Equipment Reception

Upon arrival, equipment to be calibrated is received at the logistics centre, assigned a unique identifier, and placed in a designated area.

2. Calibration

The laboratory staff collect the equipment and allow it to stabilize in temperature and position for a minimum of 8 hours. Calibration then takes place in a controlled environmental, conditions using appropriately identified and controlled reference standards.

3. Expedition

Calibrated equipment is dispatched from the logistics centre, paying special attention to packaging for the protection of sensitive equipment.

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