Process & GMP Consultancy

From the initial concept starting with an idea, to the final approval by national and international regulators, we will guide you safely through the entire process.

In Process Consultancy, our laboratory serves as a hub where Telstar experts assist clients in developing or optimizing their lyophilization recipes or sterilization processes. Simultaneously, our GMP Consultancy offers specialized services with global solutions tailored for the life sciences market, ensuring efficient compliance with specific regulations. With a worldwide network of offices, our experts, well-versed in regulated environments, bring a practical perspective to address health authorities’ requirements, offering the right approach to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.

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QA System Implementation

Telstar’s experience covers national and international projects, with consultants specialized in GxP who provide support in many different areas related to Quality Assurance.

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Q&V Qualification & Validation

Qualification and validation are basically two components of the same concept. The term “qualification” usually refers to equipment, services, and systems, while the term “validation” is used for processes.

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CSV Computer System Validation

Computerized systems used for GMP, GLP, and GCP-related processes can affect product quality, data integrity, or patient safety.

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TPQA Third Party Quality Audits

Telstar offers its customers supplier auditing services so that they can comply with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

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QRD Quality in Research and Development

In order to obtain a marketing authorization for a new medicine, it is necessary to submit to the regulatory authorities data on the efficacy and safety of the medicine and on its development process.

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Training Programs

The knowledge acquired over the years as a company specialized in GxP allows Telstar to offer very comprehensive and varied training programs.

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Process Laboratory

Having over 50 years’ experience, not only in design and manufacturing of pharmaceutical equipment, but also collaborating in the optimization of the physical, chemical, and biological processes of our customers, has given us the technological capabilities and expertise to face future challenges with confidence.