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Process Laboratory

Having over 50 years’ experience, not only in design and manufacturing of pharmaceutical equipment, but also collaborating in the optimization of the physical, chemical, and biological processes of our customers, has given us the technological capabilities and expertise to face future challenges with confidence.

A team of scientists in lab coats working diligently on computers in a research laboratory.

During this time, we have performed more than 300 studies in the process laboratory, including some very demanding challenges.

  • Freeze-drying process optimization and developments, including thermal
  • Hydrogen peroxide cycle developments.
  • Moist heat sterilization process improvements or developments.

In addition, Telstar’s process laboratory comprises of highly qualified personnel who can offer complete advice on the process of freeze-drying, moist heat sterilization, and peroxide decontamination cycles for your products.

What can we offer you from the process laboratory?

Development and optimization of recipesProcess consultancyProcess training

What laboratory equipment does Telstar have to support your development process?

Telstar’s laboratory is fully equipped with the latest equipment with PAT (process analytical technologies) tools. Comprising of three Lyobeta freeze dryers from 0.45m2 up to 0.9m2 shelf surface, a cryogenic microscope, a cytotoxic laminar flow bench, a Computrac (the residual moisture analyzer), an incubator, and an autoclave.

View our laboratory in the following video:

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