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Process issues and troubleshooting consultancy is another service that our process laboratory can offer to customers. We have different packages to help our clients, focusing on specific issues or a more holistic accompaniment. Contact us and let us help you using our expertise of more than 20 years in the process laboratory. Which of the following technologies can we help you with?

Freeze Drying

We can support you if you have problems with scaling a recipe, cosmetic issues with your product, or with adjusting a recipe due to a change in production capacity or equipment, and so on. We analyze your cycle trends, product’s cosmetics, and any other information you can supply to find where the issue is and how to solve it or improve it. Trust Telstar.

This support can be offered together with various freeze-drying tests at Telstar’s laboratory or just with customer data analyses. At Telstar we analyse the customers situation and prepare the completed consultancy service to support you.

Moist heat sterilization

High residual moisture in stoppers, bottles deformation, or wet product at the end of the cycle could be examples of typical issues in moist heat sterilization. With our consultancy service, we can analyse your recipe and equipment behaviour to see where the problem lies. We can then provide recommendations to solve the issues. As with the freeze-drying consultancy, we can complement this service with testing in Telstar’s laboratory if required.

Deformed bottle after sterilization

Non – deformed bottle after sterilization

Hydrogen peroxide decontamination

Our consultancy service is even more valuable in a decontamination process where its application and validation can be quite different depending on the technology in use and the scenario to be applied. We have vast experience in GMP hydrogen peroxide process development, counting not only with the Telstar laboratory expertise, but also collaborations with top universities and technological centres that allow us to be at the edge of the development. Not only in the equipment itself, but also in microbiological and chemical aspects.

Operator manipulating a SAS pass box

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