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Design & Engineering

Telstar’s passionate engineering team is specialized in designing pharmaceutical and biotech GMP factories, helping our customers make possible their manufacturing plans, from initial studies to detailed design of GMP factories for the pharma and biotech industry, providing flexibility, carbon footprint sensitivity and industry 4.0 approaches to our solutions.

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The effectiveness of any investment in establishing a new factory or renovating an existing one depends on the robustness of the initial phase of engineering and design. It is what we call Conceptual Design or Front-End phase.

Our pharma consultants and engineers will work together with our customer’s team during the conceptual design to determine the realistic capacity of the various products and formats, GMP layout, required space for ancillary and technical areas, URS of critical systems and production equipment, GMP risk assessment and containment studies.

During conceptual design, Telstar uses proprietary processes, 3D models and collaborative tools to engage the client`s project team and key stakeholders to develop the business case and project delivery roadmap.

Once the conceptual phase is set, we will start a short phase call Basic Design in which the Basis of design, basic schematics, working descriptions, utilities consumptions and main equipment calculation is prepared and discussed with the client as another solid foundation for the Detailed Design.

Alongside the Detailed Design we will design all the installations required in your facility: HVAC, clean utilities, process reactors, transfer lines, CIP/SIP, integrated control systems (from PLC, BMS, SCADA to MES & other industrial management systems), clean room partitions, chilled & hot water for process and for HVAC, compressed air for process or industrial, de-dusting, vacuum cleaning system, electrical system, IT, and other communication systems. Telstar will coordinate with your civil work contractor from the beginning to the end of the whole project.

Once the 3D BIM model is completed and checked, a final check is performed to clarify that everything is correct. Following this process, the required deliverables are extracted, such as the bill of materials, detailed drawings, lists, calculations, technical and functional specifications, renders and virtual walkthroughs videos.

The methodology is easy to understand but still requires an experienced project management team to conduct the complete process smoothly and efficiently:

  • Fully integrated team.
  • Fluent communication at the beginning making sure all the user requirements and details are covered and consolidated in the design basis.
  • Promptly develop and deliver the detailed design, conducting value engineering all through the process up to a final DQ.
  • The result shall be a GMP compliant fit for purpose facility that has considered the optimal solutions for erecting, operating, and maintaining your plant, with a focus on energy saving and industry 4.0 solutions.

Our engineering team have a sound experience and expertise of all kinds of manufacturing plants: OSD, Liquids and semi-solid, LVP, SVP, High Potent, Biosafety Labs, Quality Control Labs, R&D, vivarium, cosmetics, nutritional supplements… but particularly final sterilization and aseptic pharma process projects, taking advantage of being a worldwide first-class manufacturer of autoclaves, barrier systems and freeze dryers.

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