Industrial Software IP6

IP6. Digitalization of GMP 4.0 processes: Warehouses, quality and manufacturing.

Ip6 is an industrial software platform that provides solutions for the digitalization of processes in industrial facilities in regulated sectors. Ip6 is parameterizable and scalable and is also GMP and FDA valid.

Ip6 provides a range of modules to streamline various aspects of operations. This includes Ip6 WMS, which focuses on warehouse and material flow management, internal supply, order preparation, and deliveries. Additionally, Ip6 LIMS specializes in quality control and laboratory management, while Ip6 W&D addresses weighing and dispensing booths. Moreover, Ip6 eBR offers an electronic manufacturing guide and Batch Record. These modules are designed for seamless integration with major ERPs. The Ip6 solution is versatile, available in On-Premises, Saas, PPU, and Cloud formats, and offers a robust support service operational up to 24 hours.

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IP6 Warehouse Management System

Ip6-WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a specialized warehouse management system, including factory supplies, order preparation and deliveries in the regulated industry.

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IP6 Laboratory Information Management System

Ip6-LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) Manages and controls the information and daily work in all areas of the quality control laboratory in an industrial environment.

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IP6 Weight and Dispensing

Ip6-W&D (Weight and Dispensing) It covers all the functionalities of recipes and formulation management, from the raw materials reception to the dispensing of the formula, optimizing resources while maintaining complete traceability of materials and operations carried out.

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IP6 Digital Manufacturing Guide

Ip6-eBR (Electronic Manufacturing Guide and Batch Record). Manages electronic guidance and execution of manufacturing orders in a pharmaceutical facility. It allows the design and parameterization of the phases and activities to be carried out in manufacturing orders.

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DiSQ Digital Smart Qualification

DiSQ is a digital tool developed for comprehensive and efficient management of validation and qualification processes in highly regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring compliance with current regulations, GMP Annex 1, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.