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IP6 Laboratory Information Management System

Quality control laboratory management

IP6-LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) manages and controls the information and daily work in all areas of the quality control laboratory in an industrial environment. Automates the work organization to obtain maximum efficiency, from sampling to the batches release, issuing certificates, qualifications and controls of equipment, stock of reagents, etc.

Female and Male Scientists Working on their Computers In Big Modern Laboratory. Various Shelves with Beakers, Chemicals and Different Technical Equipment is Visible.

The IP6 Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) stands as an exceptionally robust and validable solution, meticulously designed to adhere to and exceed the highest standards of good laboratory practices (GLP). With unwavering commitment, it meticulously meets the stringent requirements set forth by regulatory authorities, notably the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ensuring not only compliance but also elevating laboratory operations to the pinnacle of quality and reliability.


  • Analysis of raw materials, intermediate products, packaging materials and finished product.
  • Manual and automatic introduction of results through instrument data capture.
  • Automatic calculation of results from primary data with powerful user-programmable calculation functions.
  • Planning of specific controls and analyzes such as purified water.
  • Electronic batch release.
  • Stability studies, product quality review (PQR).
  • Issuance of certificates, publication of bulletins and statistics.
  • Scheduling and control of equipment reviews (cleaning, calibrations, locations).
  • Operators control (planning, training, dedicated hours).
  • Cost control by analysis.
  • Sample library management.
  • Stock management of reagents and consumables.
  • Management of alarms and automatic warnings.
  • Audit Trail of all operations carried out in the laboratory.

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