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IP6 Weight & Dispensing Booths

Comprehensive Recipe and Formulation Management Functionalities

IP6-W&D (Weight and Dispensing) covers all the functionalities of recipes and formulation management, from the raw materials reception to the dispensing of the formula, optimizing resources while maintaining complete traceability of materials and operations carried out.

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Ip6-W&D guides the operators with a digitalized system, facilitating GMP compliance with a friendly software (image and video included with the standard operating procedure SOP. All operations are recorded in an unalterable electronic batch record. The system is validated and works completely paperless, with radio frequency terminals and barcodes or RFID. By being validated and using an electronic signature, the system avoids the costs of the need for a double signature.


  • Full traceability of materials, operations and resources use.
  • Automatic control of quarantines and date of expiry.
  • Formula management.
  • Required materials management (BOM).
  • Working orders scheduler.
  • Calculation of activity and compensating amounts.
  • Electronic weighing guide.
  • Creation of vouchers not associated with a working order.
  • Reviews of packages with radiofrequency.
  • Cleaning and verification of weighing booths.
  • Calibration of scales.
  • Weighing certificates.
  • Audit Trail.

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