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IP6 Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management, material flows in the facility and order preparation

Ip6-WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a specialized warehouse management system, including factory supplies, order preparation and deliveries in the regulated industry.

Futuristic Technology Retail Warehouse: Digitalization and Visualization of Industry 4.0 Process that Analyzes Goods

With high flexibility Ip6-WMS allows the progressive installation of functionalities according to the needs of each moment, integrating the different technologies and automations existing on the market (radio frequency, pick-to-light, pick-to-voice, material handling, AGV’s, RFID, etc.). Ip6-WMS is a GMP and FDA validable software tool that can be integrated with any ERPs and with any automation systems the existing in the facility. This module facilitates the optimal use of space, stock reduction, minimization of errors and provides the necessary information for continuous improvement.


  • Managing multi-company, multi-warehouse, and multi-area.
  • Configurable flows, scheduling, and execution of material movements.
  • Real-time control of human and technological resources.
  • Multiple units of measure.
  • Audit Trail.
  • Picking, order preparation and deliveries of high productivity and quality.
  • Batch control throughout the process.
  • Full traceability of materials, operations, and resources.
  • Output algorithms by FEFO, FIFO, LIFO…
  • Electronic quarantines and materials status management.
  • Management of returns management.
  • Transportation costs, self-billing control, transport agency assignment.
  • High level of parameterization (products, areas, resources, push-pull working orders,...).

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