Sterile Production Plant

New manufacturing to produce sterile products. Telstar is executing all the clean room areas on the project including Clean Room Architecture, complete HVAC System and the associated Control and Electrical System.

This project consists of three production areas and their related service areas:

Level 1 – Manufacturing Area for Freezed Dryed Vials
Level 2 – Service Area
Level 3 – Manufacturing Area for PFS, Liquid Vials and Ampoules
Level 4 – Service Area
Level 5 – Manufacturing Area for Eye Drops
Level 6 – Service Area

Sterile production plant hallway


  • Construction engineering
  • Black Utilities: Distribution of Chilled water and Generation and Distribution of hot water for HVAC purposes
  • Pharma architecture
  • HVAC
  • Electricity and Control system
  • Project management, Site supervision, Health & safety coordination, As-built documentation.
  • Commissioning and Qualification