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Helium Leak Detection


Helium leak detection inside a vacuum chamber is the preferred method to evaluate tightness when you rapidly need to ensure high sensitivity and total reliability. We provide customized solutions ranging from manual systems to fully automated machines.

Our systems are based on a Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector directly connected to the vacuum line of a vacuum chamber, and they consist of the following components:

  • A Mass spectrometer with its vacuum system.
  • One chamber.
  • A vacuum group that evacuates the chamber.
  • A valve manifold.
  • A power and control cabinet.

Additionally, the following accessories and options can also be equipped:

  • Part vacuum pumps.
  • Helium recovery system.
  • Flow test, pressure test, valve operation check.
  • Multiple chambers.
  • Automated connection tooling.
  • Printer/barcode reader.
  • SCADA.

The advantages of our detection system

  • Compact and ergonomic design.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Great sensitivity down to maximum allowable leak 10-8 mbar·l/s.
  • Full automation and integration in a production line.
  • Automatic calibration verification.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to customer’s needs.

LEAKSTAR® Control System

  • Configured state-of-the-art PLC that allows both automatic operation and manual control.
  • Touch screen for manual control.

Simple, accurate and easy-to-use control software. High number of operations and inquiries are available to the user.

  • SCADA application can be equipped to provide a higher degree of traceability through the saved data.



As an approved supplier for leading GIS manufacturers globally, our leak detection plants feature advanced zero-emission systems. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in our measures for minimal environmental impact during GIS operation. Trust our expertise for efficient and eco-friendly solutions in gas-insulated switchgears.


In the automotive industry, our leak detection plants seamlessly adapt to the client’s requirements, integrating the equipment seamlessly into production lines. Trust our expertise for tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and reliability in automotive manufacturing.

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