How to maximize performance and productivity of existing pharmaceutical sterilization lines?

New trends in automation and process control for sterilization systems by integrating robotized loading and unloading technology

Increasingly the pharmaceutical industry is challenged to increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of their manufacturing process. The sterilization lines for parenteral products are no exceptions.

What are the latest trends in automation and process control in pharmaceutical sterilization process? The implementation of new integrated solutions for sterilization process equipment integrating robotic and automated loading and unloading technology is proven to offer significant increase in performance and productivity, in addition to helping reduce operational costs, increasing savings in multiple connected machines covering a whole operational phases.

This article provides the main aspects to respond to the new trends while describing the retrofitting in an IV Bags sterilization line, in order to maximizes its OEE and make it ready for the technological opportunities of industry 4.0.

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