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Located in Shanghai, Telstar has been established in China since 2004 to manufacture process equipment of the group worldwide, as well as being responsible for sales and service in the Asia-Pacific area.

An experienced team in design and production supports the brand globally in the pharmaceutical process equipment production integrated by sterilization and barrier systems, freeze-drying, clean air, cold storage, and vacuum technologies.

Telstar China is cooperating with other Telstar facilities to satisfy complex customer requirements including production of new integrated systems and adapting equipment specific to customer requirements.


Equipment & Facilities

  • Modular GMP Freeze dryer. Designed and engineered modularly to provide a comprehensive range of standard models and in-factory options. Easily integrated with LAFs, o-RABS, c-RABS, isolators, semi-automatic and automatic loading/unloading systems for vials and bulk applications
  • Labscale Production GMP Freeze Dryer. Designed for clinical and small production scale batches of high-value pharmaceutical products under aseptic conditions.
  • Biosafety Cabinets and Flow Benches. A complete range of energy saving compact flow benches and biological safety cabinets certified by TÜV NORD according to European standard.
  • Ultra Low Temperature Freezer. A green line of -86º ultra-low temperature freezers, including both upright and chest models.


  • Freeze drying laboratory service: a fully equipped freeze-drying support laboratory is available for customers to determine the thermal properties of the product or to develop optimized freeze drying cycles. Freeze-drying fundamental training programs are also available.
  • GMP Consultancy: audits for pharmaceutical companies in Asia Pacific to support European customer to select suitable supplier.
  • Customer service: a local team of engineers with experience and extensive training through the Telstar Academy is providing customer service for all Telstar equipment along the Pacific Rim. Telstar engineers can solve problems efficiently via remote interventions on Telstar equipment. efficiently.
  • An experienced sales team with ample knowledge of pharmaceutical equipment and processes can support the customers to select the right solutions.


Azbil Telstar China ISO 9001:2015

No. 30 Jin Wen Road,
Zhuqiao Industrial Park,
Pudong District
Shanghai 201323

+86 21 58 093 731

+86 21 58 092 857

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