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Telstar UK Ltd is the centre of excellence for the aseptic & containment barrier Isolation side of the Telstar business, along with a dedicated Customer Service division.

Telstar has been a leading manufacturer of quality assured aseptic and containment Isolator systems for the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, cell therapy and veterinary markets for over 25 years and has an impressive portfolio with installations located all over the world from stand – alone Isolators to more complex integrated filling line Isolator systems.

Telstar provides complete systems, integrating barrier systems with either Telstar process equipment or third party devices with the ability to provide complete turnkey solutions. Client’s requirements and initial designs are challenged extensively with full size ergonomic models prior to the manufacturing process.

Telstar has seen increased demand in particular for larger aseptic filling line Isolator systems, but also for aseptic processing Isolators and sterility test Isolators has increased significantly over the past few years. Telstar believe this   growth is set to continue based on a number of factors including regulatory demands, less reliance on cleanroom technology and greater sterility assurance.

You can be assured that our team have a wealth of  technical experience within the industry and are supported by Telstar’s global network. The Telstar team strive to offer the latest technologically advanced equipment in the marketplace demonstrating extensive knowledge and understanding of client’s requirements.

Telstar’s containment & aseptic systems are innovative and flexible coupled with vast experience and capability to develop and manufacture systems entirely in house which provides a cost effective solution and assures quality control over the whole process.

As an ISO9001 :2015 registered company, Telstar demonstrates a reliable and stringent quality management system including extensive in-house testing and compliance procedures.

Azbil Telstar UK ISO9001:2015

Azbil Tetlstar UK ISO14001:2015

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Hawthorne House
Dark Lane, Birstall
Leeds, West Yorkshire
WF17 9LW, UK

+44 (0)1924 455 339

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