Telstar’s cutting-edge technologies and integrated process equipment & systems covering all the critical phases of the oncology production are designed according to the higher requirements of quality to remove risks in manufacturing processes. Involved in each stage of the complete anticancer medicines manufacturing process, innovative integrated solutions including isolation technology systems Containment and Aseptic Barriers – Isolators / cRABS-, Downflow booths and Pass Boxes), GMP lyophilizers and sterilization technologies have been devised for manufacture of Cytotoxic Drugs (CDs), Monoclonal Antibodies (mAb), Small-Molecule Drugs, Vaccines, Hormonal Agents and Stem Cells.

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Telstar is a leading global brand of aseptic process solutions. Acknowledged as one of the major international manufacturers with the capacity to offer integrated process solutions using in-house technologies, the company embraces Industry 4.0 challenges and its activity is entirely focused on developing comprehensive solutions to optimize performance and efficiency in every process.