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Telstar launches Usifroid global service platform for retrofitting & maintenance of freeze-dryers

To optimize and extend the life cycle of freeze-drying equipment from any brand or model.

A new compact thermal vacuum chamber for testing cubesats

The new cube shaped TVAC3 will be launched by Telstar at Space Tech Expo Europe

Preventive and predictive digital maintenance in Pharma 4.0

A journey from data to actionable insights.

Telstar receives the Farmaforum 2021 award for the best service company for the biopharmaceutical industry

During a special ceremony, Fernando Artolozábal, Customer Service Manager Q&V Calibrations at Telstar, received the award from the director of the Farmaforum congress, Eduardo Sanz.

Telstar promotes 360º GMP consultancy & engineering solutions at CPhI

Innovative aseptic production solutions in a setting marked by the new GMP Annex 1.

Vaccines Production. Challenges and trends in vaccine manufacturing

A journey through vaccines’ history, highlighting steps and equipment involved in their complex aseptic production process

Telstar at FarmaForum. How to address the new contamination control strategy for the manufacture of sterile drugs

The company will also be offering a workshop on Pharma 4.0 IoT Data Platform for predictive maintenance applied to pharmaceutical production processes

Digital transformation of medical devices terminal sterilization by means of ethylene oxide

A new perspective of the future manufacturing process

Non-invasive product temperature monitoring as a recipe design and scaling up tool

The impact of a Lyometrics PAT tool to monitor the temperature of product during primary drying to assist the final user in the design and scaling up of freeze-drying recipes

Concept study of remote handling operations in containment and/or aseptic applications

How robotic technology contributes to ensure aseptic production and mitigate risks in manufacturing processes.

Telstar cooperates with “friend being a helping hand” NGO in India

Telstar has started an active cooperation with “Friends being a helping hand”, a non-governmental organization in the southern state of Telangana in India. 

New trends: reducing GWP impact on GMP freeze drying processes

How to turn an older refrigeration system in an existing freeze-dryer into a new environmentally friendly cooling system.

Telstar to promote the latest innovations for laboratories at Expoquimia

The company will be unveiling the new green line equipment for laboratory and R+D centres, in addition to Zerocoat technology, a new antimicrobial barrier for BSC.

Brazilian Amazonia-1 satellite placed into orbit after being tested in Space Simulation Chamber

The Brazilian National Space Agency INPE (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais) has placed into orbit Amazônia-1 or SSR-1, the first Earth observation satellite developed by Brazil launched at 04:54:00 UTC on 28 February 2021.

Telstar addresses the latest trends in aseptic process solutions at Achema Pulse 2021

Telstar will be exhibiting the latest developments in aseptic technology for pharmaceutical production and integrated turnkey engineering & construction services for process facilities at Achema Pulse 2021.

Telstar’s office in North America moves into new facility in Bensalem

Telstar in North America expands overall business development 

Telstar consolidates an integrated local Customer Service in Italy

The company brings a complete professional technical team closer to local Italian pharmaceutical companies

Telstar BiOptima IT MSC designed to integrate pharmacy compounding software programs

Aimed at Hospital Pharmacies, a new Telstar solution for applications that use customized operating & monitoring systems.

Azbil to build two laboratory buildings for conducting experiments at central R&D base

Azbil will build two laboratory buildings at Fujisawa Technology Center, the azbil Group’s central R&D base, for conducting experiments.

Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to optimize performance of pharmaceutical equipment and turnkey projects

Why the most challenging designs in the industry are using computerized calculation methods to ensure reliable results.

Telstar promotes cold storage technology in Portugal

Telstar has started a promotional campaign devoted to laboratories and research centres in Portugal, specifically for cold storage, cryogenic and instrumentation lines.

Telstar reinforces international production capacity in response to a sustained growth demand

Telstar is announcing a new expansion plan that, on the back of continuous demand levels in 2020, is designed to meet the forecasted growth in production over the next three years.

Rajesh Shah has been appointed Country General Manager of Azbil Telstar’s subsidiary in India

Azbil Telstar announces the appointment of Rajesh Shah as the Country General Manager of the subsidiary of the company in Hyderabad, India. Rajesh is going to focus his responsibility on the development of an extensive plan to address an ongoing growth demand in the region for Life Sciences service & product solutions.

The increase of vaccines production boosts the demand of EtO sterilization chambers

Telstar has expanded its engineering and manufacturing capacity due to the growing demand for EtO sterilization systems. It has increased the software and controls engineering team as well as a new assembly and testing area of 4.500 sqm.

Telstar introduces the new Remote Assistance Pack offering a comprehensive customer service support

Under the name of Remote Assistance Support/Time Pack, the new service is conceived to complete all the technical assistance range of options, to be carried out in any of the following modalities by our Service Specialist Engineers.

Challenges in manufacturing high value lyophilized oncology drugs

Key features of a custom-made freeze-drying integrated solution.

Ramon Capella Armengol: a life fully dedicated to Telstar

In memory of Ramon Capella Armengol, Telstar’s founder and first president. A vastly accomplished businessman and entrepreneur who pioneered Telstar’s consolidation and expansion process until the end of the 1990s.

Telstar launches Lyozeta, a new range of modular design GMP freeze-dryers

A new range of modular design GMP freeze-dryers has been developed by Telstar. Under the brand Lyozeta, the new series of lyophilizer is a standardized version of its high-end GMP configurable freeze-dryers designed to operate under aseptic conditions.

Telstar strengthens its activity in Bangladesh and relocates its office in Dhaka

The Telstar subsidiary in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has relocated to a new installation reacting to the ongoing growth of demand for Life Sciences service & product solutions in the region.

Telstar increases BSC safety level with Zerocoat, a new antimicrobial bacteriological barrier

A new photocatalytic treatment based on titanium dioxide has been implemented by Telstar inside their biological safety cabinets, designed to operate with risk 1, 2 and 3 biological agents (viruses and bacteria or infectious material).

Upgrade of an existing sterile production room of freeze-dried vaccines to comply with the requirements of the new GMP annex 1

Many pharmaceutical companies have Freeze Dryers in their plants with manual loading and unloading procedures. For most cases, they are using old but reliable equipment.

Telstar consolidates a new high-standard process R+D laboratory service in China

Through an innovative sterilization & freeze-drying processes R&D laboratory, Telstar offers pharmaceutical companies located in China a qualified and complete consultancy service for the development, qualification and validation of process cycles.

Telstar doubles the production of Boreas, -86º ultra-low temperature freezers

Telstar has reinforced the production of Boreas, a -86º ultra-low-temperature freezers, to meet the growing demand in the short term generated by the industrial production of new vaccines to treat Covid-19.

Complete automatic vial filling system integrated with containment & lyophilization processes for the production of new drugs for cancer treatment

A process system for the pharmaceutical company Boryung Pharmaceutical in Yesan led by Telstar under a contract holder agreement.

Telstar, new sponsors of ACE Foundation for the next three years

Telstar, the consulting, engineering and projects company for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, is committed to providing financial support for ACE Foundation projects over the next three years.

Azbil Receives “A+” Issuer Rating from Rating and Investment Information

The credit rating agency has upgraded the issuer rating from A to A+, positively evaluating progress in strengthening the earnings base. Azbil’s financial base itself, including factors such as a good debt-equity structure and good balance between debt and cash flow, was also rated highly. 

The azbil Group establishes new numerical targets for the SDGs

Azbil Corporation announced it has established new numerical targets for essential goals of the Group in the field of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Telstar’s centre in the UK consolidates its business growth with move to new higher-capacity modern installation

Specialized in aseptic & containment barrier Isolation technology systems, Telstar UK has seen increased demand for its products from all across the life sciences sector has grown significantly in the past few years.

Telstar to expand BiOptima cabinet with new friendly, human-centred versions

Telstar takes a major step in R+D to develop innovative solutions in the field of research laboratories offering an extended range of efficient, environmental and human-centered ergonomic equipment.

Telstar Consultancy helps pharma laboratories to comply with the new guidelines of EU GMP Annex I

The new Annex 1 sets the new standards of good manufacturing practices on sterile medicines production.

Maximizing the oncology production process

Discover why Telstar is your competent partner for the oncology manufacturing process 

Telstar facilities in OB40 certified with ISO 14001: 2015 standard of environmental protection

Telstar facility in Spain (0B40) has been certified with the first international ISO 14001 standard, in addition to passing the ISO9001 recertification audit.

Assessment of a pharmaceutical laboratory to meet the requirements of the new Annex 1

How the changes induced by the new regulations, which incorporates advanced strategies in quality management and risk analysis, improve current practices in the manufacture of sterile products

Remote audits in clinical investigation Learning from the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has led us to consider the work schemes used so far and reflect on tools that can help us continue to fulfil our obligations and routines safely, such as remote audits.

What Can AFM Do for Polymer Research?

Join us for an engaging discussion on the latest in polymeric applications and research. Following presentations from our guest speakers we will have live in-lab demonstrations of the techniques and modes featured.

How PAT Tools can easily help in the daily pharmaceutical process control & monitoring challenges

The impact of process analytical technologies for aseptic manufacturing processes

Automatic loading & unloading systems for freeze-drying processes

In the freeze-drying market, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, there is an increasing requirement for automatic loading and unloading systems.

Life cycle in process validation. Continued Process Verification

This article introduces the concept of life cycle applied to process validation and how this idea was already underlying the first FDA reports on the challenges that the pharmaceutical industry had to face in the 21st century.

Building efficiency into the vaccine manufacturing process

Telstar’s end-to-end engineering & GMP services are highly specialized in offering an integrated solution covering all the phases of an injectable vaccine production plant.

In-Situ Tensile Testing in the TEM and SEM with Hysitron Picoindenters

Join us for a two-hour seminar, led by experts in the field, to discuss in-situ tensile testing in the transmission and scanning electron microscopes.

Telstar addresses the EU GMP Annex I on FARMAFORUM’s webinar

At the webinar that will take place on 19th June within the framework of Farmaforum 2020 the focus will be placed on regulation.

Telstar situation related to the Coronavirus Outbreak

To tackle the situation related to the Coronavirus outbreak, Telstar is operating under a business continuity plan which is taking into consideration three goals

Telstar MSC in TV NBC News report

Telstar microbiological safety cabinets are present in the most prominent laboratories around the world which are working on the research for vaccines to treat or prevent Covid-19.

Optimizing the vaccine manufacturing process

Telstar’s cutting-edge technologies and integrated systems have proven to offer high output in all the phases of the injectable vaccine production.

Got Your Eye On IEC 62471, Don’t miss this Webinar

Throughout the world, a comprehensive standard is in place for evaluating the photobiological safety of lamps and lighting systems that emit light in the spectral region 200-3000nm.

New digital application to accelerate on-site processes of validating pharmaceutical facilities & equipment

Telstar extends the service for obtaining qualification reports and GMP quality validation in real time to pharmaceutical processing equipment, as well as laboratories and hospitals

Breakthrough solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing

Telstar has in recent years reinforced the development of advanced solutions in aseptic technology and efficient processes for pharmaceutical production

Implementation of the SmartCR in an aseptic processing facility. Airflow reduction & energy savings achieved in HVAC compared to conventional systems

The challenge of reducing HVAC energy consumption and operation costs without negatively affecting the quality of the finished products, ensuring cleanrooms always conform to required specifications

Azbil implements a long-term vision for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Azbil Corporation establishes “2050 Long-Term Vision for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions” in which the azbil Group aims to achieve substantially zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scopes 1 + 2)*1 by 2050 from its business activities.

Telstar develops a new laboratory freeze dryer operating with natural gases

Specially designed for R+D laboratories, LyoQuest Arctic is a bench-top environmentally friendly lab freeze-dryer

Azbil appoints Kiyohiro Yamamoto as new President and Group CEO

Aiming for new growth stage incorporating the changing business environment and technological innovation

Telstar promotes high-value Pharma Consultancy & Engineering at Asia Pharma Expo 2020

The company will be promoting cutting-edge solutions specifically aimed at manufacturing processing plants and laboratories for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, veterinary, food and cosmetic companies.

How to maximize performance and productivity of existing pharmaceutical sterilization lines?

New trends in automation and process control for sterilization systems by integrating robotized loading and unloading technology.

The research activity on coronavirus nCoV2019 Wuhan has led to an increased demand of advanced technological laboratory equipment designed to provide high-level of safety

Telstar’s micro biosafety cabinets are suitable for the manipulation of samples with biological risk level 3.

Telstar Lyosensing, a versatile process analyzer developed to monitor the freeze drying cycle & detect and prevent real and virtual leakages in pharma freeze-dryers

Lyosensing addresses one of the main fears associated with lyophilization processes, the presence of silicone oil leaks from thermal fluid through the shelves circuit that could generate the loss of an important amount of contaminated product

Azbil announces support for the recommendations by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Telstar, part of the azbil Group, expresses its unreserved commitment to Azbil Corporation which has announced  its support for the recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

New Telstar Logistics Center in response to a sustained growth demand and to accelerate delivery times

The company relocates its logistic center to a new higher-capacity modern installation.

Telstar’s lecture on conceptual design at the GMP Workshop promoted by ISPE Singapore Affiliate

Rafael Beaus, Global Consultancy Manager at Telstar delivered a lecture about Conceptual Design at the first GMP Workshop held by the ISPE Singapore Affiliate from 21 – 22 November in Danang.

Telstar integrates new soft sensor technology to monitor the global batch product temperature during primary drying.

Telstar incorporates an innovative soft-sensor temperature monitoring system in GMP industrial freeze-dryers with automatic loading/unloading systems.

GMP for Medicinal Cannabis – Telstar class

Last week Andreia Alves, Tiago Pires and Ricardo Girão from Telstar Portugal presented a class on GMP for Medicinal Cannabis for the Post-Graduation course of GMPs for Medicinal Cannabis in Laboratório Militar (Lisbon).

At P-MEC India, Telstar promotes the latest developments in sterilization technology

Recognized as a leading company in the design of aseptic process integrated systems for pharmaceutical production

Controlled Nucleation: more than just a homogenization tool

Optimizing the freeze-drying pharmaceutical process

Challenges in day to day operations. The battle of performance in production. Lyogistics Smart R3

How an inline vial management device is able to reject, retrieve for sampling, or reintroduce vials automatically during the loading / unloading process into pharmaceutical freeze-dryers

Hydrogen peroxide: Is material compatibility a real challenge for this decontamination technology?

One of the most important challenges of the hydrogen peroxide technology has traditionally been the material compatibility.

At CPhI, Telstar promotes the latest developments in aseptic technology for pharmaceutical production

Acknowledged as a leading company in the design of aseptic process integrated systems. Telstar at CPhI 2019 – Booth 110D32

Telstar incorporates robotic solutions to the product loading/unloading processes in large size autoclaves

The integration of an automated system increases performance and productivity up to 40% in the overall production process, and provides an average reduction of 15% of the duration of the sterilization cycle.

Telstar rewards Pham Lan Anh with its Valued Partner Award

The Telstar Valued Partner Award has been granted to Pham Lan Anh in recognition for her commendable and exceptional role in establishing the presence of the company products in Vietnam for over twenty years.

New Telstar turnkey EtO sterilization system for a manufacturing facility in China

Telstar has been awarded the design and development of a turnkey EtO sterilization system by a leading Contract Sterilization Services company.

Telstar awarded the Premi Cambra 2019 for being a healthy company

Promoted by the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the prizes are intended to recognize the contribution of companies to the social & economic territorial development.

Smart Cleanroom: the innovative solution to reduce HVAC energy consumption in classified areas

Pharmaceutical companies face the challenge of reducing production costs without negatively affecting the quality of the finished products. HVAC systems are one of the main energy consumers in pharma facilities especially in sterile manufacturing. Therefore energy savings are particularly noticeable in this area.

RABS & Isolators, Track-and-trace trends

Traditional aseptic production lines are a thing of the past. Isolators are being integrated with traceability system to watch over safety of the product and the staff.

Telstar launches BiOptima, a new high-end biosafety cabinet

For research & pharmaceutical laboratories. A new ergonomic human-centred cabinet, totally adapted to the operator’s physical features and requirements.

Telstar promotes Bio II Advance Plus in South Africa

Intended for the laminar flow manipulation of microorganisms with biological risk levels 2 and 3, the innovative cabinet design offers smaller body than the market average whilst maintaining a very comfortable work space.

Azbil completes construction of new production building at main factory

Azbil Corporation completed construction in April 2019 of a production building at its main factory near the city of Shonan (Kanagawa prefecture, Japan). The new building is part of the azbil Group’s “mother factory” framework, which is expected to lead production innovation.

Pressure Point

What operating pressure manufactures should choose during the aseptic processing of potent materials in isolator? This is a question that is posed regularly and divides opinion on which approach is the correct one.

ESKAYEF Oncology Facility

The state-of-the-art facility of ESKAYEF Oncology has been designed and developed with  the technical collaboration of  Telstar. Located at Murapara, Rupganj, Narayangonj, the facility has the flexibility and capacity to undertake formulation, compounding and filling of a wide range of oncology products.

Telstar at the russian seminar on modern technologies for vaccines production

Angel Diez, Telstar’s Lyophilization Technology Specialist, gave a lecture on challenges in aseptic technology and efficient processes for pharmaceutical production.

Telstar completes their GMP production freeze-dryer range with a new compact single-vessel

Chamber and condenser internal view within a Lyomega SV freeze-dryer that displays the condenser coil. The shelf stack is lifted up which allows complete access to the condenser for inspection and maintenance.

Parvez Hashim has been appointed Country General Manager of Azbil Telstar’s subsidiary in Bangladesh

The company reinforces its leading position in Asia, to address the ongoing growth of global activities in engineering and construction for local and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Challenges in day to day operations. The battle of performance in production. Lyogistics Zero

How a versatile freeze-dryer automatic loading & unloading system with integrated contactless magnetic slider technology achieves high performance in the pharmaceutical freeze-drying process.

Inside Story: Maria Santafe, Process Laboratory Engineer

This experience helped me strengthen my freeze-drying knowledge and helped me overcome all the difficulties found during the whole process. I now have an immense feeling of pride and satisfaction.

At Interphex 2019, Telstar promotes breakthrough developments in Freeze Drying technology

Lyogistics Zero, the only freeze dryer vial automatic loading/unloading system with the ability to have CIP/SIP inside the chamber, and Lyonuc, the new vacuum nucleation induction method suitable for any type of freeze-dryer, leading cutting-edge solutions for pharma processes.

Contactless magnetic slider system: a new technology able to confront challenges in the field

High value products require the highest production standards. The manufacturing of pharmaceutical products requires sophisticated technical and production solutions that fulfil stringent quality, safety and production controls.

Head-to-Head comparison of Hydrogen Peroxide and Steam sterilization

Sterilization is any process that ensures that no viable microorganisms are present in the object or area to be decontaminated. The pharmacopoeia standards generally accept that a reduction of 99,9999 % in the living population, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and prions, can be considered as sterilization.

Telstar issues customised online calibration certificates

By means of the new Share Point of online calibration certificates, Telstar provides access to the calibration certificates issued by its own labs through a new management channel that will allow companies to individually access their documentation and notifications in an agile, reliable, quick and safe way.

Telstar promotes the latest generation of compact laboratory freeze dryers at MedLab 2019

At MedLab (Dubai 2019, 4-7 February), Telstar will be displaying the latest generation of compact laboratory freeze dryers integrating pre-freezing, primary drying and secondary drying processes.

Azbil Telstar strengthens its subsidiary in India to drive its growing demand in South Asia

Azbil Telstar’s subsidiary in India (Azbil Telstar India Company Limited), located in Hyderabad has been reinforced with new appointments to the Sales & Customer Service Divisions, to address an ongoing growth in demand for Life Sciences service & equipment solutions for the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries.

Pharmaloop invests more than 35 million euros in a new plant

A ceremony to lay the first stone held on 20th November begins the construction of Pharmaloop’s new plant for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).