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Telstar rewards Pham Lan Anh with its Valued Partner Award

The Telstar Valued Partner Award has been granted to Pham Lan Anh in recognition for her commendable and exceptional role in establishing the presence of the company products in Vietnam for over twenty years.

New Telstar turnkey EtO sterilization system for a manufacturing facility in China

Telstar has been awarded the design and development of a turnkey EtO sterilization system by a leading Contract Sterilization Services company.

Telstar awarded the Premi Cambra 2019 for being a healthy company

Promoted by the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the prizes are intended to recognize the contribution of companies to the social & economic territorial development.

Smart Cleanroom: the innovative solution to reduce HVAC energy consumption in classified areas

Pharmaceutical companies face the challenge of reducing production costs without negatively affecting the quality of the finished products. HVAC systems are one of the main energy consumers in pharma facilities especially in sterile manufacturing. Therefore energy savings are particularly noticeable in this area.

RABS & Isolators, Track-and-trace trends

Traditional aseptic production lines are a thing of the past. Isolators are being integrated with traceability system to watch over safety of the product and the staff.

Telstar launches BiOptima, a new high-end biosafety cabinet

For research & pharmaceutical laboratories. A new ergonomic human-centred cabinet, totally adapted to the operator’s physical features and requirements.

Telstar promotes Bio II Advance Plus in South Africa

Intended for the laminar flow manipulation of microorganisms with biological risk levels 2 and 3, the innovative cabinet design offers smaller body than the market average whilst maintaining a very comfortable work space.

Azbil completes construction of new production building at main factory

Azbil Corporation completed construction in April 2019 of a production building at its main factory near the city of Shonan (Kanagawa prefecture, Japan). The new building is part of the azbil Group’s “mother factory” framework, which is expected to lead production innovation.

Pressure Point

What operating pressure manufactures should choose during the aseptic processing of potent materials in isolator? This is a question that is posed regularly and divides opinion on which approach is the correct one.

ESKAYEF Oncology Facility

The state-of-the-art facility of ESKAYEF Oncology has been designed and developed with  the technical collaboration of  Telstar. Located at Murapara, Rupganj, Narayangonj, the facility has the flexibility and capacity to undertake formulation, compounding and filling of a wide range of oncology products.

Telstar at the russian seminar on modern technologies for vaccines production

Angel Diez, Telstar’s Lyophilization Technology Specialist, gave a lecture on challenges in aseptic technology and efficient processes for pharmaceutical production.

Telstar completes their GMP production freeze-dryer range with a new compact single-vessel

Chamber and condenser internal view within a Lyomega SV freeze-dryer that displays the condenser coil. The shelf stack is lifted up which allows complete access to the condenser for inspection and maintenance.

Parvez Hashim has been appointed Country General Manager of Azbil Telstar’s subsidiary in Bangladesh

The company reinforces its leading position in Asia, to address the ongoing growth of global activities in engineering and construction for local and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Challenges in day to day operations. The battle of performance in production

How a versatile freeze-dryer automatic loading & unloading system with integrated contactless magnetic slider technology achieves high performance in the pharmaceutical freeze-drying process.

Inside Story: Maria Santafe, Process Laboratory Engineer

This experience helped me strengthen my freeze-drying knowledge and helped me overcome all the difficulties found during the whole process. I now have an immense feeling of pride and satisfaction.

At Interphex 2019, Telstar promotes breakthrough developments in Freeze Drying technology

Lyogistics Zero, the only freeze dryer vial automatic loading/unloading system with the ability to have CIP/SIP inside the chamber, and Lyonuc, the new vacuum nucleation induction method suitable for any type of freeze-dryer, leading cutting-edge solutions for pharma processes.

Contactless magnetic slider system: a new technology able to confront challenges in the field

High value products require the highest production standards. The manufacturing of pharmaceutical products requires sophisticated technical and production solutions that fulfil stringent quality, safety and production controls.

Head-to-Head comparison of Hydrogen Peroxide and Steam sterilization

Sterilization is any process that ensures that no viable microorganisms are present in the object or area to be decontaminated. The pharmacopoeia standards generally accept that a reduction of 99,9999 % in the living population, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and prions, can be considered as sterilization.

Telstar issues customised online calibration certificates

By means of the new Share Point of online calibration certificates, Telstar provides access to the calibration certificates issued by its own labs through a new management channel that will allow companies to individually access their documentation and notifications in an agile, reliable, quick and safe way.

Telstar promotes the latest generation of compact laboratory freeze dryers at MedLab 2019

At MedLab (Dubai 2019, 4-7 February), Telstar will be displaying the latest generation of compact laboratory freeze dryers integrating pre-freezing, primary drying and secondary drying processes.

Azbil Telstar strengthens its subsidiary in India to drive its growing demand in South Asia

Azbil Telstar’s subsidiary in India (Azbil Telstar India Company Limited), located in Hyderabad has been reinforced with new appointments to the Sales & Customer Service Divisions, to address an ongoing growth in demand for Life Sciences service & equipment solutions for the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industries.

Pharmaloop invests more than 35 million euros in a new plant

A ceremony to lay the first stone held on 20th November begins the construction of Pharmaloop’s new plant for the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).