Restricted Access Barrier systems (RAB’s)

RAB’s are becoming increasingly popular within aseptic processing as they offer effective product protection by providing a high level of separation between operators and the critical aseptic core. By using a combination of a physical barrier and dynamic airflow, the product protection that it can provide approaches that of an Isolator and is often the barrier system of choice in some applications.

Open or Closed Restricted Access Barriers (oRAB’s / cRAB’s) are an important element in Telstar’s product portfolio and provide a viable alternative to Isolation technology where a leak tight option is not necessary but the need for enhanced product protection in a grade B room is still required.

Telstar RAB’s offer flexibility in design and fulfil current regulatory standards and GMP guidelines as required in today’s aseptic manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Bespoke solutions

Telstar RAB’s combined with third party equipment such as automated filling lines for liquids and powders, significantly reduce the risk presented by direct human intervention and are increasingly being prescribed by the pharma industry.

Telstar RAB’s are predominantly derived from a standard of range mechanical and electrical components, coupled with a degree of customisation to match specific clients’ requirements. All Telstar RAB’s incorporate unidirectional laminar flow designs as standard, providing a Grade A (ISO 4.8) positive pressure environment over the critical aseptic area.

Telstar RAB’s installations would typically include; aseptic transfer methods for powders, components and liquids; temperature & RH conditioning; viable / non-viable particle monitoring equipment and a PLC controlled operating system with local HMI.

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