Loading & Unloading GMP Systems

Telstar offers a complete range of freeze-dryer loading and unloading systems designed to cover a broad range of applications; whether production is in bulk, vials or other types of containers. The range extends from manual-assisted devices through to semiautomatic systems and fully automatic solutions.

Telstar solutions are tailored to customer needs and product requirements, taking into account capacity, number of freeze-dryers and production conditions. The different solutions can range from robotized systems for the direct loading and unloading of bulk product onto shelves, fully automatic loading and unloading systems with product in trays, automatic vial loading and unloading systems without trays, using a ‘fixed’ row-by-row or shelf-by-shelf with a moving vehicle.

What is the optimal solution?

The most suitable loading system, defined in terms of cost and performance will depend on the number of freeze-dryers, process speed, range of containers to be used, clean room/isolator classification, freeze-drying cycle duration, distance between the freeze-dryer and filling and capping equipment and other process flow parameters.

The ‘fixed’ systems that load vials row-by-row are usually the most suitable for up to three medium to large size freeze-dryers, as their integration with close RABS and isolators is generally easy. Shelf-by-shelf mobile systems are generally more suitable for several large freeze dryers with open RABS.

Contactless Magnetic Slider Loading & Unloading System

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