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Our Culture

Telstar contributes to improvements in the well-being and quality of life of society by offering companies and research centres the most advanced high-tech equipment on the market, with a high degree of innovation and development and a considerable capacity for adapting and tailoring every project to each customer's specific needs.

The ability to develop highly technological projects with a highly qualified professional team, together with experience, flexibility, proximity to the customer and a sound focus on quality have made Telstar a leading player in the pharmaceutical, medical-hospital and biotechnological sectors, as well as in laboratories, research and development centres and advanced industries based on innovation and development with a considerable scientific and technological component.



Telstar's mission today is to be recognized as the leading technological partner.



Telstar's vision is to provide reliable and innovative technological solutions, building value for customers, employees and shareholders.



  • We design with flexibility to adapt to our customers' needs in a constantly changing market

  • Our solutions are based on innovative technology, ongoing improvement and added value for our customers and end users.

  • Quality, based on the professionalism of our workforce and on innovation, is the focal point of our relationship with our customers.

  • Our sales, project management and after-sales teams operate on an international basis.

  • We offer solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, bringing a range of technical teams with considerable experience to focus on technologies in which we are the leaders.