Telstar facility in Spain (0B40) has been certified with the first international ISO 14001 standard, in addition to passing the ISO9001 recertification audit.

It is a challenge reached within the framework of Telstar Spain’s 2020 objectives included the goal to attain ISO 14001: 2015 certification as well as the implementation of an Environmental Management System for the company, integrated in the current ISO 9001: 2015 Quality System.

Telstar has previously worked on many of these issues and already put many positive practices into place, for example maintenance of infrastructures, approaches to reduce waste and use green energy and development of equipment and products with less environmental impact from R&D, as well as accurate implementation of mandatory legal requirements.

A “Collaborative Team” joined by inter-departmental volunteers has actively contributed ideas for internal awareness, optimization and reduction of waste, while being key a solid collaboration of the professional team, from Management, Technicians, Operators and Trainees, to achieve such relevant milestone

Telstar will continue with the implementation of ISO 14001 throughout the rest of the company, as well as remaining committed to use less polluting materials, develop more efficient products, use “green” resources and reduce waste, among others.